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Want to know what we use to make money?

Plugin Boutique is one of my favorite websites to buy plugins. They have a lot of free plugins too!

If you want to upload your music to the big name streaming platforms, then distrokid is what I personally use. Instead of paying per upload, you pay yearly for unlimited uploads. Amazing for artists trying to push content.

Filepass is the software I use to send out mixes to my clients. I can invoice them through the website and also make sure they can't download the files without paying for them.

I use canva pro to do most of my graphic designing. They have a bunch of templates and assets to make visual designing EASY! Great for content makers. Free version also available!

Antares is the company that make THE auto tune plugin/algorithm that everyone has know to use and love in pop music. Waves tune is cool, but the real deal just has a tone and flavor that cannot be matched.

If you struggle building a website or you want more features that are studio specific, I highly suggest easy funnels. Not only can you create an awesome website, but theres a lot of features that can help increase customer conversion.

I use Izotope Plugins every single mix. I highly recommend them for their mixing and mastering suites. Use the code, "MMPOD10" to get 10% off your next purchase [subscriptions and spire excluded].

Wanting to start a podcast? I HIGHLY recommend spreaker for your hosting services. They can help you keep track of your analytics and also get your show onto all the major platforms.

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